A New Approach to Wood Industry
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A New Approach to Wood Industry

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The history of carpentry and joinery in Iran dates back to seven thousand years ago and is perhaps the first recorded industry in the history of Iran that is significant and valuable for all of us. This long history of wood industry in the country and the world shows the importance of wood and wood accessories in the life of all of us, which shows both the support of arboriculture and environmental protection and the use of wood in everyday life with the development of cellulose industry. Gives us.

With the Latest Technology

The factories of this industrial group are built with the latest technology in the world and produce products in accordance with international standards and deliver them to the hardworking carpenters of the country so that we can be pleasant, relaxing, healthy and sincere in your home and share in your happiness. The value of our products is not worth the price, because being proud of you means more than the material value of our products, which are definitely "economical and optimal".

Global Expertise In Production And Supply

We produce everything with the technology of Western Europe, especially Germany, and we are proud to offer the best wood fiber compressed products at the highest quality level in the world. Supply of Sina MDF products Although there is a significant demand in Iran, its international supply is very prosperous and developing.

Export Services

Everything that Sina MDF produces has desirable, healthy and world-class characteristics, and for the export customers of these products, the variety of specific characteristics requested by each region arises. Share our products for your market with www.sinamdfexp.com and buy what we will definitely like. Thousands of production staff and staff trained by European experts are proud to be able to We have optimal production and supply in six group cellulose factories with twelve production lines, support of two chemical factories and equipment production.The voice of our colleagues can be heard in the quality of Sina MDF products in your home, which brings you peace of mind.


Formaldehyde-Based Resins
Melamine Decorative Paper
Raw FiberBoards(MDF,HDF,LDF)
Laminated FiberBoards
Panel Furniture


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Located in Sari Industrial Zone (No. 2) at Sari, Mazandaran Province, started since 2010 with annual capacity of 162,000 cubic meters.


Located in the Industrial Zone of Sefid Rood, Rasht, Gilan Province, started since 2016 with an annual production capacity of 300,000 cubic meters.


Located in the Industrial Zone of Sefid Rood, Rasht; Gilan Province, started since 2016.


Located in Sari Industrial Zone (No. 2) at Sari, Mazandaran Province, started since 2000 with annual capacity of 200,000 cubic meters.

Latest News

Holding the 21st international exhibition of wood industries and related equipment in Tehran, Bahman 1402;

The 21st International Exhibition of Wood Industries and Related Equipment in Tehran 2024 is scheduled to be held. The exhibition will take place from February 1, 2024, to February 4, 2024, at the permanent location of Tehran International Exhibitions. This exhibition, titled the 21st International Wood, Raw Materials, Machinery, Furniture Hardware, and Related Industries Exhibition, aims to showcase the latest developments in the wood industry and associated sectors.

The production of fire and bacteria-resistant MDF by the efforts of University of Tehran students;

According to the scientific and educational group of IRNA from the University of Tehran, Gholampour, a doctoral student in Wood and Paper Sciences and Industries, and the project executor, emphasized the importance of this project. In recent years, Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), known as one of the most widely used products in various sectors, including the construction and home decoration industries worldwide, has received special attention. Therefore, in such applications, the resistance properties of the final product, including mechanical resistance, fire resistance, and resistance to microorganisms, are crucial. He added that, relying on domestic knowledge, the students have been able to produce MDF resistant to fire and bacteria.

Deforestation in Dez and Abbasabad National Park;

Recent field observations indicate an increase in tree cutting activities and timber smuggling in Khuzestan Province, particularly in the cities of Dezful, Shush, and Andimeshk. The forests of Karkheh and Dez, the primary habitat of the Iranian yellow deer, are constantly exposed to destruction. Wood smuggling, fires, forest encroachment, and drought have put the vegetation and forest cover of this vital habitat at risk of destruction.